“Music is the wine that fills the cup of the soul”. Our world has been creating music since the beginning of time, and it has been present in each and every culture on the planet. With so many diverse musical genres today, we are in a world full of magnificent melodies. But in our modern era, there are a lot of things that we should be aware of in the music industry to move ahead in our careers and succeed!


Whether you create original music or if you are an aspiring artist, you might have heard of music publishers, copyrights, music synchronization rights, or music mechanical license and a lot more such terms. So in this article, we are going to explain and understand some of these terms you might have heard in your music career.

Music Publishing protects and promoting song copyrights and collecting the royalties that these copyrights generate. 


If you have been writing or creating original music you might have heard about music publishers and their services. An artist makes money through music publishing and basically it is allowing people or giving them a license to use your tracks publicly and in return, they pay you royalties.

Note that music publishing pays royalties only to the writer of a song, not to performers. 

There are various ways to earn from your music and these were some of the things you need to know before you venture ahead into your music career. You might want to seek advice and help from music publishers or your attorney, but knowing these things will definitely help you in the process! 


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