When a new song or a composition comes out, we all fixate on the vocalist and the visual aspect. However, there is a huge process behind protecting a song’s rights.

Simply put, a Music Publishing Administrator is the main party that is responsible for protecting the songwriter’s rights.


 What is the focus of a Music Publishing Administrator?

 They administer, register, and license the compositions. Predominantly, they are the ones who collect the publishing royalties on behalf of the songwriters. In other words, under such administration, the original creators’ copyrights remain intact.


They have a great responsibility in licensing and registering the song or the composition with parties such as Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) and (CMOs) or Collective Management Organizations. This process is mainly done to properly collect the royalties that the songs are generating.


Any music that the publishing administrators manage isn’t owned by them. They simply take care of collecting the aforementioned royalties and licensing fees. Their only profit is the small commission fee that they earn for this particular service.

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